Ahead of the pulse. Not like anything else.

HuntFeed Precrime:
Empirical Risk Feed.

HuntFeed Precrime intelligently discovers, tracks, monitors, and acquires new cyber security capability, risks & assets for exclusive entities

Preactive, not proactive.

Not like any other vulnerability feed.

Request to see a private demo session and you will be amazed at the state-of-the-art solutions on offer, even for the most advanced research team!

Why HuntFeed?

  • 01

    Artificial Intelligence

    HuntFeed Poachers harvest new data 24/7/365 and continously forwards this data into a continous feedback loop of AI/ML research.

  • 02

    State-of-the-art automation

    Focussing on pure automation, HuntFeed executes on its ability to provide preactive data. Before any proactive datasets. Definitely not reactive.

  • 03

    Proven Results

    Built by researchers who have public & proven vulnerabilities in Apple, Facebook, Google, Brave, Tor, etc. Nobody else has this data

  • 04

    Bleeding Edge

    HuntFeed seeks to redefine the edge that defines the edge. Think about it.

HuntFeed Blog

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